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1970 Fender Strat with original case:$7800.00

Refinished and refretted.

Martin D-28 with original hardshell case:$3799.00

Peavey HP Special CT with case:2999.00

Fender Strat with case:$1200.00

1975 Gibson Flying V with original case:$6500.00

Martin 00028-SMH Merle Haggard #100 of 122 pieces made, with original case:$4250.00

Taylor Custom GA with original case:$8999.00

Kala U Bass with case:$499.00

DW Guitars Custom Shop Dragonwood Tele with gig bag:$1399.00

From local guitar builder, Dick Warkentin

DW Guitars Custom Shop Dragonwood Tele bass with gig bag:$1399.00

From local guitar builder, Dick Warkentin

Preview attachment IMG-2767.jpg

Fender Squire Jaguar:$350.00

PRS Modern Eagle with original case:$9999.00

James Trussart Custom Tele with original case:$6000.00

Fender Custom Shop 1954 FMT made in 1997 with original case:$4999.00

Logical Strat with case:$899.00

Ibanez ASV10A:$599.00

Epiphone Les Paul with gig bag:$525.00

Taylor 814CE LTD Fall Limited Edition with original case:$2999.00

Taylor 514CE Special Edition Guitars for the Gulf with original case:$2499.00

Reverend Warhawk with case:$1250.00

Hagstrom Viking with case:$800.00 $600.00

Epiphone Les Paul Studio with EMG pickups and case:$600.00 $500.00

Gretsch G6120 1960 with original case:$2999.99

Yamaha FG700S with hardshell case:$525.00

Harmony H165 with chipboard case:$425.00

1997 Fender Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat with original case:$4500.00

1949 Gibson RB 100 banjo with gig bag:$1850.00

Just serviced at Long and McQuade

Late '70's or early '80's Fender Lead 1 with original case:$1500.00

Renegade Strat copy with gig bag:$100.00

Eko AS-10 acoustic:$325.00

Martin D-28 with original case:$3500.00

1977 Gibson Deluxe Goldtop with original case:$5800.00

1981-82 Fender "The Strat" walnut body with original case:$7000.00 $5500.00

Modded with locking Kahler bridge system, original bridge is included.

Tobias Bass with gig bag:$850.00

Epiphone ES-339 with gig bag:$699.00


Jackson X Series Spectra bass:$800.00

Yamaha CGX171 nylon string guitar with pickup:$850.00

Aria STG series electric strat copy in gold sparkle finish with gig bag:$250.00

Fender Squire Strat in black with matching headstock, chrome pickguard, with gig bag:$260.00

1969 Yamaha SA50 with original case:$1999.00

Martin Backpacker with gig bag:$325.00

1961 Fender Stratocaster with original case:$24,000

Guitar has been refinished and refretted with new nut.

Gibson Custom Shop Non-reverse Firebird with original case:$5000.00

Godin LG with Seymour Duncan P-90's, gig bag:$599.00 $499.00

2005 Taylor 614ce with original case.  Top crack has been repaired.  Electronics not working:$2699.00

1960's Fender Malibu with case:$799.00 $599.00

 Peavey Jack Daniels acoustic/electric with hardshell case:$350.00

Fender Mexican P-Bass with hardshell Tobago case:$800.00

Larrivee D-60 with original hardshell case:$2999.00  $2899.00

2000 Gibson Blues Hawk, Limited Edition with hardshell case:$2300.00

Aftermarket P-90's

1995 Gibson Gospel acoustic with pickup, hardshell case:$2950

Gibson SG Custom in Brunswick Blue Sparkle with original case: $3600.00 $3240.00

Fender Villager 12 string guitar, late '60's with Fender soundhole pickup and hardshell case:$1299.00

Martin D-35 with custom white Calton travel case: $5200.00

1970 Martin D-18S with custom white Calton travel case: $4250.00 

Aftermarket pickup 

Ibanez Soundgear Bass w/case $899

G&L Legacy Strat w/bag $799

Michael Kelly Hollowbody w/case $599

Steinberger headless bass with case: $399.00 $299.00

Ministar Texas Longhorn style bass with gig bag:$430.00 $329.00

Headless bass with gig bag:$349.00 $249.00

Gothic style bass with Seymour Duncan pickups and case:$599.00 $349.00

Pre-style bass:$299.00

Fender GA45SCE Lefty w/case $700

Gibson Custom Shop Non-reverse Frost Blue Firebird with original case $4195


Eko 290 with case $599

Mitchell acoustic guitar, signed by ALABAMA $350

Eastman MD505 Mandolin w/bag $799

Warkentin Dragonwood Telecustom w/ strat neck & gigbag $1499
Warkentin Astro Guitar w/bag $1299
Warkentin Dragonwood Telecustom w/gigbag $1499
ES-Style Semi-Acoustic Electric $125

Beare & Son Mandolin 1930's w/case $600
Godin LG Signature w/bag $600

Lanikai Ukulele w/bag $600

Current Amps in Stock

Victoria Regal 2. Custom Ordered with brown Tolex, 2 Celestion Blues, Mid Control $3499

Z Air Brake Attenuator $475

1969-1970 Fender Twin Reverb w/ Original Cover $1999

Peavey 2X12 Tweed Cab $550

Lab Series L2 Bass Head $250

Dr. Z Galaxy Combo $2100

Garnet SSB X200B Bass Amp $399

Dr. Z Stang Ray Head and Cab $2999

Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50w Head$2100

Marshall 2X12 Cab $600

Vox AC30 $1100

Marshall JVM215C w/FTSW $1999

Line 6 Spider 2 $120

Traynor Dynablock 400 Bass Amp $450

Fender Reverb Tank, like new w/tags $1100

Yamaha THR-10 $260

Traynor DG30 w/Effects &FTSW $150 

Marshall Valvestate MG250DX $480

Budda V20 Head and Cab $1450

Peavey Duece VT Series, re-tubed and serviced $299

Dr. Z 2X10 Cab $760

Gibson Minute Man 1960's, comes with footswitch, reverb and tremolo. All in working condition and recently serviced $600


Dr. Z ZA-31 Z Wreck Head and Cab w/ Original Cover $3999

Dr. Z ZA-31 Z Wreck Head and Cab w/ Original Cover $3999

1998 TopHat T-35TB King Royale Combo Amp w/cover$2300

Fender Princeton Chorus w/ FTSW $300

Fender Reverb Tank $1200

Hughes and Kettner Head $350

1963 Supro Reverb Model 1650 $2599

Magnatone Super Fifty-Nine Head and 2X12 Cab w/Accessories, Mint Condition $3690

GK700RB Bass Combo Amp $750

Yorkville 400B Bass Head $330

VHT 1X12 8ohm Cab $400

Roland JC-120, '70's $1199

Ibanez vintage 1964 Model 6270 Amp $249

Garnet Rebel Head and Cab 2X15, late '60's, signed by Gar in 2004 $1000

Fender Showman, mid 1960's with 15" cab $2499

Traynor TC208NEO 2X12 Bass Cab $399

Sunn Stage 212, 192 $450

Roland BC-60 Blues Cube 60 w/FTSW $450

Ampeg BA112 Bass Amp $280

Roland Super Cube 60 w/ Cover & Manual $350

Galien Kruger GK400RB Head $299

Galien Kruger Backline 600 Head $250

Ampeg SVT, early 1960's, recently serviced $2200

Carvin ProBass 300 $175

Carvin ProBass 500 Head $200

Ampeg Porta-Bass 250 w/bag and AC Cable $200


Trace Elliot 715 200w Bass Amp, made in the UK $699

Our current inventory of pedals and effects on consignment.

For more information on a specific piece, don't feel shy to give us a call at 403-255-5543 or email us at !

BBE Acoustimax $199  $99

Boutique Fuzz Face $275.00

Boss PS-5 Super Shifter $160

Boss PS-3 Phase Shifter $140

Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive $115

Boss TS-2 Tremolo $135

Garage Tone Delay $120

TC Electronics MojoMojo Overdrive $70

Ibanez UE400 Multi Effects Rack Unit, Vintage, Missing FTSW $450

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive $80

Lexicon LXP-15 Rack Unit $100

Boss MT2 Metal Zone $80

Morley Auto Wah, Vintage $120